About Stephen

Portrait of Stephen Crutchfield

After graduating in December 2011 from SDSU with a Master of Arts in Television, Film, and New Media Production, I took a part-time contract job with the Navy to continue working as a Technology Transfer (T2) professional. I’ve been supporting the T2 office since 2009. I started as a film intern, creating technology marketing videos, and gradually took on more responsibilities. I fill the rest of my week with film and video related work.

I’m looking forward to furthering my T2 skills and my filmmaking career. I am thankful to be in a place where I daily improve my skills in marketing, business practices, entrepreneurship, program management, and video production.

Filmmaking specialties: directing actors, producing documentary and narrative projects, screenwriting, editing, videography/camera operation

T2 specialties: technology-focused marketing materials (videos, print), patent analysis, patent portfolio maintenance, market analysis, patent license agreements, CRADAs

Recent Credits (Selected)

Narrative Shorts
EL ABUELO  Director (written by Stephen Metcalfe)
THE SOLDIER AND THE DOLL  Producer/Writer/Director/Editor
SAINT VALENTINE  Producer/Director/Editor
HOLLYWOOD HELL EPISODES 1-6 (Web Series)  Creator/Creative Producer/Story Editor
HOLLYWOOD HELL EPISODE 3 Co-Writer/Co-Director/Co-Editor
HOLLYWOOD HELL EPISODE 4 Co-Writer/Director/Editor
CEASEFIRE EPISODE 4 (Web Series)  Producer/Writer
DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA (Scene Study)  Director/Editor
ONE COLD NIGHT  Producer/Writer/Director/Editor
FROM UNDER THE BIRDCAGE  Voice/Composer (Dir. Jason Gnerre)
PAY OFF  Assistant Director (Dir. Lenka Somolova)
SILENT TONES  Assistant Director (Dir. Lenka Somolova)
HARMONY  Assistant Director (Dir. David Pleiss)
THE COLONEL  1st Assistant Camera (Dir. Mario Garcia)
HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS (Pilot)  2nd Assistant Camera (Dir. Iris Caffin)
ROCKET  Grip (Dir. Phil Wilson)
TWO DAYS FROM FRUITA  Grip (Dir. Jason Gnerre)

Documentaries (Broadcast, Shorts, Web)
THE LAST VAQUERO  Producer/Director/Shooter/Editor
LIFE IN PRISON: THE COST OF PUNISHMENT (KPBS)  Web Video Producer/Editor (Dir. Joanne Faryon)
– Life in Prison: Terry Campbell, 44 Years And Counting
– Life in Prison: Glenda Virgil, 23 Years And Counting
– Life in Prison: Harriet Salerno, A Victim Speaks
THE LEGACY OF PROP 13  (KPBS) Web Video Producer/Editor (Dir. Joanne Faryon)
– Against Proposition 13: Bill and Nancy Bamberger
– For Proposition 13: Jerzy and Jolanta Lewak
FOOD (KPBS)  Segment Producer/Web Video Producer/Editor (Dir. Joanne Faryon)
– San Diegans Buy Imported Oranges Over Locally Grown
– Hair Study Reveals Dietary Trend, High Levels of Corn
TISSIACK Producer/Director/Shooter/Editor
FIRST AND LAST (TNT Pilot)  Production Assistant (Dir., Co-Exec. Prod. June Beallor)
ROUTE 66 EXPERIENCE  Editor (Dir. Terrance Reimer)

SEAWATER ANTENNA  Producer/Writer/Director/Shooter/Editor
RAPIER SHIP DETECTION SYSTEM  Producer/Writer/Director/Shooter/Editor
RAPIER FIRE DETECTION SYSTEM  Producer/Writer/Director/Shooter/Editor
SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPY HEAD  Producer/Writer/Director/Shooter/Editor
HYDROGEN SPONGE  Producer/Writer/Director/Shooter/Editor
ABOUT SSC PACIFIC T2 OFFICE  Producer/Writer/Director/Shooter/Editor
PIXEL PODCAST (Web Series)  Producer/Director/Editor (10 episodes)

Recent Awards, Honors, Nominations, and Festival Screenings

11/13 Boston Latino International Film Festival, Official Selection – EL ABUELO
05/13 International Family Film Festival, Official Selection – EL ABUELO
09/12 Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, Official Selection – EL ABUELO
09/12 OC Film Fiesta, Official Selection – EL ABUELO
04/12  Riverside International Film Festival, Official Selection – SAINT VALENTINE
03/12  San Diego Latino Film Festival, Best Local Film – EL ABUELO
01/12  Los Angeles Movie Awards, Honorable Mention in Narrative Short category – EL ABUELO
11/11  CSU Media Arts Festival, 4th Place in Narrative Category – THE SOLDIER AND THE DOLL
10/11  Temecula Valley International Film Festival, Official Selections – THE SOLDIER AND THE DOLL and SAINT VALENTINE
07/11  Action on Film International Film Festival, Official Selection – SAINT VALENTINE
06/11  Emmy Award, NATAS PSW Student Category – HOLLYWOOD HELL, EPISODE 1: DOWNFALL
05/11  SDSU Award for Excellence in Television Production
05/11  SDSU Award for Outstanding Achievement in Directing
03/11  National Press Foundation Awards, Honorable Mention for 2010 Excellence in Online Journalism – LIFE IN PRISON: THE COST OF PUNISHMENT
03/11  College Television Awards, Blue Ribbon Panel Finalist in Narrative Series Category – HOLLYWOOD HELL
02/11  Kathleen Kennedy Production Grant recipient
10/10  San Diego Press Club Awards, 2nd Place in Integration of Media Category – LIFE IN PRISON: THE COST OF PUNISHMENT
10/10  San Diego Press Club Awards, Best of Show in Website Category – FOOD
09/10  San Diego Film Festival, Official Selection – THE LAST VAQUERO
06/10  Emmy Award, NATAS PSW Student Category – THE LAST VAQUERO
06/10  Emmy Nomination, NATAS PSW Public/Current/Community Affairs Program or Special Category – FOOD
03/10  National Academy of Television, Arts, and Sciences Scholarship recipient
11/09  CSU Media Arts Festival, 2nd place in documentary – THE LAST VAQUERO
09/09  John F. Reeves Memorial Scholarship recipient
05/09  SDSU Award for Outstanding Service to the TFM Department
05/09  SDSU Award for Excellence in Documentary Production by a Graduate Student – THE LAST VAQUERO


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