Quotes from Fade In interview with Ben Foster

Just read a good interview with actor Ben Foster on www.fadeinonline.com. Here are a few quotes from Mr. Foster that resonated with me…

On directing (what he’s learned from Oren Moverman’s directing style)… “…if you do your research, and you do your homework, and you come in and create an environment that allows the actors to listen to each other, you can do no wrong. It’s all about protecting that space.”

On burn out… “Nick Cassavetes said something really lovely to me that I’ve held onto about some silly job that will go unnamed that I didn’t want to do…’Well [do it], [do it] if you have to, but just make sure you don’t blow your own candle out.’ And Hollywood will do everything, it will find every weak point in your heart and in your mind, and try to blow it out. And that may be by making your candle so bright that it just fizzles after a few years…”

On working with great actors (Al Pacino and John Travolta in the upcoming film GOTTI)… “Yeah, bring your A game, but they will raise your game. And then, on top of that, these are professional make-believers. These are people who refuse to grow up. These are full-grown adults in costumes.”

Trailer for 2009 film THE MESSENGER starring Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster. Directed by Oren Moverman.


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